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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Prayer for Faith

Creator God, I pray for faith.

Your servant St. Paul said, "Act as if you have faith, and faith will be given to you."

How long, O God, will you let me, your servant, act a part? How long, O God, before I experience your healing presence, before I feel your blessings, before I truly know your love?

Your servant King David asked for a pure heart. In history you hardened the hearts of some and not others. Can you not open my heart, open my eyes and ears so that I may know you?

Your servant asks for deliverance and faith. Doubts and fear assault me, tempt me, make me sick at heart. You made me a skeptic, O Lord; you schooled me in doubt and gave me a love of argument. "I believe, O God, help me to overcome my disbelief!"

I choose you, O Lord. I affirm you with my lips and my mind. I beg you to bring my heart into your presence. I pledge my self to you, and pray always that I carry out your will. I ask for discernment, wisdom and your guidance.

Have mercy on me, O God who made the heaven and the earth, and show me your light, give me the faith which I seek.

But "your will be done, not mine." If it be your will, then send me to my grave full of doubts.



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